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29 September 2007 @ 10:05 am
[thread][A Study in Observation][open]  
While he was not quite "on duty" as a member of ANBU, Sai had been informed that a heavy ANBU presence would be preferred after what had happened the last time the Daimyo made an appearance. At the moment though, he was off shift, and left to his own devices. There was a new way to how the villagers moved, more energetic, almost enthusiastic, that hadn't quite been present since the first invasion. It seemed that people were finally beginning to "move on" in a sense? Sai wasn't sure.

Temari was now in the village, he knew, which meant Suna would be making at least some display at the festival. Miss Ino was already loosening up and 'having a good time', if that drunken shouting match she'd had with Shikamaru had been any indication. Sai frowned, he still wasn't sure how he felt about Ino anymore. It was confusing in the first place, and her behavior patterns did not make sense to him. Maybe Sakura could explain, since Naruto was now indisposed. There was another problem there however, as Sakura had not been acting normally since her return from Suna. If anything else, she seemed cagier, but at least with the help of Chouji her weight was slowly returning to normal. Which pleased Sai in a way that almost surprised him. It seemed that he had been worried about Sakura as soon as he noticed her weight dropping significantly, and the new improvements to her health were reassuring.

But now there was a festival to deal with, and Sai watched as people scurried to and fro with various articles that were intended for the celebration. It seemed like this would be an excellent chance to observe human behavior. Arms folded across his chest, he leaned against a gate, which afforded an excellent view of the entire square, while still protecting his back.
Sabaku no Gaara: Nightsunakazekage on October 5th, 2007 06:31 am (UTC)
This time Sai did manage to catch Gaara off guard. He swallowed in surprise and had to cough. The sake was pleasant and by the looks of the jug, there was plenty to left to drink, so Gaara continued to sip and set down his dish before answering. "Oh?" he asked curiously. "Why is that?"
Sai: Non-plussedkonoha_penis on October 5th, 2007 06:35 am (UTC)
"I'm not sure. But from what I have seen, she becomes rather flustered at the mention of your name ever since her return from Suna." Sai drank quietly, looking up at Gaara when he'd set his dish down.

"I am not the greatest judge of emotions, but I am well versed enough in the emotional range of my teammates to know she's quite taken with you."
Sabaku no Gaara: standsunakazekage on October 5th, 2007 06:44 am (UTC)
Gaara picked up the sake bottle and offered to refill Sai's dish before filling his own. It was funny how this type of thing seemed to happen with the presence of alcohol. He was in tricky territory here. He was completely unsure of what Sai knew, what Sakura wanted everyone else to know, and how he felt about the whole thing. He wasn't even sure how close Sai was to Sakura. Well, they were somewhat close. They had been on the same team once. He wondered what Sai thought of the rumors. Taken with him? An interesting way to put it.

"Ahh," began Gaara rather ineloquently. But he couldn't stop himself from asking, "Do you really think so?"
Sai: Prepare for smackdownkonoha_penis on October 5th, 2007 06:53 am (UTC)
Sai shrugged and nursed his cup. "It isn't often she falls over herself in both speech and actions. She picks up a heavy stutter and either trips or almost drops what she's holding. She gets very flustered and refuses to make eye-contact. I've seen her with this behaviour pattern twice before."

He set down his cup, his brow furrowed. "The unfortunate thing is that neither sources of her feelings were very apt to return them. Kazekage-sama, for Sakura's sake I hope you will be the exception. She has a very bad habit of finding interest in the wrong people. But you currently are more favored by her friends than either of her previous interests, which says more in your favor. I am not one to listen to rumors, I merely ask for your honesty in regards to Sakura. Like you say, she is very important, and I nor any one else here wish to see her upset again like she was over the loss of the Uchiha traitor. I fear she has yet to recover from that blow, even now."
Sabaku no Gaara: protectsunakazekage on October 5th, 2007 07:15 am (UTC)
Gaara took another drink after listening to Sai. He was now feeling a little daunted and very insecure. But he wasn't going to let Sai know that. He also had his own feelings to sort out. At first, he was indignant that Sakura had the same "behavior pattern" before meeting him twice. But once he realized that he was feeling indignant, he really didn't want to explore why. So he set it aside only to hear Sai suddenly delve into this entirely personal matter.

He took the sake bottle to pour Sai another drink and break away from Sai's stare. They both seemed to like doing that--they were observers, which surprised Gaara--and it usually had others saying more than they would. Gaara wanted to take a moment before replying. He wasn't sure that he was that much of a better choice for Sakura's feelings but he wasn't going to let that in the way right now.

Gaara wanted to address one thing. "The only true fault lies in Uchiha and the other wrong person. Sakura is worthy of more." He looked up. "While I respect the opinion of her friends, I would like to think we can find our own way. I don't know what is and isn't between us but we'll face it when the time comes, even if it is the illusion of Uchiha."