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05 November 2007 @ 11:41 am
[backlog] [The Teen Years Part Two] [Kankurou, Ino] [Closed]  
Part two :D

Ino blinked up at him, entirely unaware of The Situation. She was at that age where she thought she was pretty, thought she was beautiful and sexy and desirable but she really had no idea what made women desirable to men. She wasn't old enough yet to understand the workings of the male mind or how to use her body properly to get what she wanted. The attention she got while walking down the street was chalked up to her pretty face rather than being the object of lust and desire because Ino just didn't know of such things. That was the reason that she was so lost at Kankurou's hot and coldness. Sometimes he was nice, when no one was looking, and then other times he seemed to be holding back as if afraid to let something out.

This was all very confusing. She just wanted to warm up and sleep. They had a mission to do here and he was being difficult! But in order to get along, she rolled to her side and looked up to him, raising her eyebrows. "What?"

Too warm? What did that even mean?

"You're so fuckin' stupid," he hissed, rolling over so that his tensed-up back faced her. Kankurou couldn't deny his arousal, but it wasn't as easy as his usual reactions when he found something that excited him---he felt jittery, sick to his stomach, and he couldn't blame all of that on the alcohol. He hadn't drank nearly enough to make him puke. This was a different kind of queasiness, something someone more romantically inclined would call butterflies in his stomach. Kankurou just wanted to get it the hell out of his system, whatever it took to accomplish that. If screwing around with her, taking advantage of this stupid drunken snuggliness and then enduring the awkward rest of their mission was what would get his body to drop its trembling, fine. He probably wouldn't be seeing Ino again for a long, long time after, and---well---shit happened. He was the Kazekage's brother; what was the worst they'd do to him?

While she was usually great at taking social cues, Ino was also good at ignoring them when she wanted. He wanted to be left alone but Ino was worried that maybe she had somehow offended him. They had to work together. They needed to clear the air. Besides, he called her stupid and that was just rude! All she had done was TRY to get along with him even though he was a complete and total savage jerk. Clearly, Ino was too nice and maybe nice people offended Kankurou. He was the type that kicked kittens and then laughed when they tried to get away. Sure he had saved Kiba's life so there was SOME good in it-- but probably didn't do so before kicking Kiba when he was down.

"What did I do?" she asked as she sat up and leaned over him, trying to get a good look at his face. "Are you listening to me? Tell me!"

Kankurou grabbed her wrist on reflex, drawing himself up short of shoving her away. Even he didn't think that was acceptable behavior, and his ideas of acceptable behavior were rarely acceptable at all. He just wanted this stupid---WHATEVER was messing with him to go the fuck away. He couldn't deal with being on a mission with her if things would be like this the whole time; who knew how long they were going to be here? Things could botch, and they could be here for months acting the part of young married couple. His insides slithered in rejection of the mere idea of being with her for that long, battling these weird sensations.

"Leave it be," Kankurou growled, jerking the pillow between them again. It took some wrestling. "I don't want you touchin' me. Stay over there. If you can't get why, you en't gonna last a day as a fuckin' kunoichi."

That was all it took for Ino to grab said pillow and shove it right in his face lightning fast despite her slow reflexes, smothering him for a few moments before letting go, trying not let his words get to her so much. But they DID because he was right-- she was new and she was fresh. As good as she was in the academy it didn't matter if she was on a real mission. It stung, and quite badly, and she wanted to lash out at him for injuring her huge but fragile pride in one fell swoop. But she would NOT cry, she would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her be upset over his words.

"Don't treat me like some second rate ninja because I'm a lower rank than you. I work my ASS off and I don't have the rank of Kazekage's brother to fall back on like you do," she said nastily. "If you want to abort this mission then go right ahead! I don't need you!"

She was fairly looming over him, hair wild from moving around so quickly, eyes blazing fire as she held the pillow like a weapon to strike at any time.

That. Was. It.

Kankurou grabbed her and twisted, rolling over and straddling her in one fell swoop. A seasoned kunoichi would have had her bony knee aimed squarely at his crotch, bruising him to the point that he had to let go and wheeze---and Kankurou knew; it'd happened before he'd wised up to that particular trick---but Ino was new and fresh and breakable. She didn't understand what a man could do to a woman, yet: she was innocent. He hated her for that, for her overblown ego and her stupid princess act. She knew NOTHING of what real missions were like, what the consequences of losing were. A part of him wondered if he would be the best teacher, the gentlest of the kind of men who would use her---better him introducing her to this than, say, an enemy who would rape and kill her and get off on her humiliation---but that was just his crotch talking.

Maybe they'd foreseen this sort of thing happening when they'd paired them up for this mission. It wasn't unlikely, if Ino was still a virgin. Virgin kunoichi were useless, and at least he was an ally. There was something to be said about that.

"DON'T fuck 'round with me," Kankurou snarled, holding her down by her wrists. "I'm bigger 'n meaner than you'll ever be, got that? I c'n fuck with you an' NOT care. Don't push me."

Even still, his pulse drummed frantically behind his cool, self-possessed words; his knees felt weak and he couldn't keep focused. He might have thought he was in control of the situation, but he was not in full control of anything.

Ino's already foggy head turned dizzy and slightly sick as she was manhandled and thrown down, making the bed squeak loudly with its tinny voice and its hinges that desperately needed to be oiled. One moment she was up and the next she was tumbling down, pinned down by her wrists by a firm grip that bordered on painful. Kankurou situated himself high enough on her body that even if she thought of kneeing him in the groin there wasn't nearly enough leverage for there to be an impact. Her eyes must have looked comical, all wide and confused, much like a newborn's. She tried to flex her wrists in his grasp but he wasn't budging an inch.

"Hey, stop joking," she said with an uneasy smile. They tended to fight when they saw each other, that was just how it was, she didn't think this fight was any different. What had she said to warrant this kind of... joking? "Don't be a jerk. You know I'm not scared of you so just get off."

She really should have been scared. He was a threatening figure as he leaned over her, all muscle and sinew and strength that she clearly lacked.

Ino was used to dealing with boys, still-soft kids who catered to her whims just because she was a girl and that was polite. Well, it was time enough for her to have her big puberty wake-up call: boys grew into men, and men were bigger and stronger and she had to be smart and seductive to win over them. If she didn't win, she'd lose, and painfully. They'd break her, they'd use her, they'd kill her. Kankurou knew only too well how easy it could be, and---and fuck, there it was again, that weird obligation.

"You should be fuckin' terrified," he said, and bit the soft curve where her neck met her shoulder. "'Cause I en't jokin'."

Okay, now she was. A little. What the hell was she supposed to do? She couldn't scream, they'd blow their cover but she wasn't just going to let Kankurou do whatever he wanted with her. If only her reflexes were a little better, her mind was a little more clear. He had her held down so well that she couldn't do much more than squirm against him, attempting to get loose. This was ridiculous. They were having friendly banter, a little fighting, eating dinner and now she was getting molested. What was Kankurou thinking? Was he absolutely insane?

Wait. Of course he was. He was from SUNA. Suna bred crazy like dirty dogs bred fleas.

"I thought you weren't interested in 'little girls'," Ino threw at him. "Me and my boring body would put you to sleep."

"You're gonna get yourself in trouble," he grunted, shifting his weight against her so that she could feel exactly how serious he was. She was still too pinned to get those knobby little knees up, thankfully. "An' lemme tell you---most guys don't give a fuck what you look like, what your personality's like, or if you're th' right star sign. They jus' wanna shot at that little clutch 'tween your legs, an' that's all they care 'bout."

His finer muscles were trembling, arousal and irritation meeting together in a sick slap---he just wanted it over. Maybe it'd be best to call this mission off. Someone else could take their place. They could pretend it hadn't happened. If she didn't shape up quick, she wouldn't ever get to the rank where they'd meet again. This could be forgotten.

She tilted her head and graced him with a sideways glance, managing to look down her nose at him even though she was being topped quite obviously. The "danger" part still hadn't quite sunk in (probably the alcohol at work) but she did know when a guy wanted That Not So Mysterious Thing Known As Sex. It was annoying how right he was-- MOST guys really only cared about sex and nothing else. Ino couldn't let him get the best of her. Her pride would not allow it.

"And what are you going to, Sensei?" she asked, amused. "Teach me?"

Kankurou's heart pounded in his ears, too hard and too heavy, and he abruptly rolled off of her. Fisting both hands in one of the blankets, he jerked hard, pulling it out from underneath her, and balled it up in his arms. He swayed a little, still a little tipsy and a little lightheaded. His knees didn't feel like they held him quite right, and his toes weren't gripping the cold floor well enough for comfort. This was what he disliked about being a shade drunk---the lack of control bothered him.

"No. I'm not gonna fuckin' teach you shit," Kankurou said, sounding almost...sulky. "I'm gonna go sleep on th' goddamn floor, an' you're gonna shut up an' go t'sleep."

"You can't do that, there are windows everywhere. The neighbors will see. Just come back to bed," she said with a yawn, massaging her wrists and shoulders. Ino grabbed his shirt and pulled him back-- his lack of balance was very helpful in this case-- so hard that the bed bounced from his weight. In some weird way, he was trying to teach her a lesson and he hadn't actually done anything to her AND the alcohol was still in her system so she was feeling forgiving. For now, they could call a truce and have no hard feelings. "Let's just play nice, hm? We have to be all lovey dovey for the neighbors anyway."

Besides, he was a great source of warmth and she didn't want to lose that.

Ino patted his hair, playing with it absently. It was kind of cute when he acted all MAD.

He couldn't do this. This was just---this was maddening. She was dumb as camel shit, and he---he'd tried! He'd honestly tried to give her, what, some kind of life lesson? And she'd shrugged it off like it was all one big joke. Kankurou simmered irritably, swatting her hand out of his hair. He knew he couldn't sleep with someone in bed with him, especially as stiff and tipsy and unhappy as he was. He'd been serious, and the way she laughed it all off made him feel childish and frustrated.

Kankurou sighed explosively, curling up on his side with his back facing the stupid whiny bitch. This was shaping up to be a pretty awful mission, all in all. If he could just figure out why he---why she made him---

"Go t'sleep. I don't wanna hear another fuckin' word outta you."

"I don't get why you're so mad," Ino said, completely ignoring his... threat/request. "But we have to get along for this mission. I don't care if you hate me, but you're GOING to act like an adoring husband so we can get out of this alive, get paid, and go home. You're the super elite Jounin, you should know how this works."

"Th' problem isn't ME not knowin' how it works---it's YOU," Kankurou growled, suddenly one very big and very angry five-year-old, pointing fingers and blaming everyone with a pout. He didn't like being denied, much less being denied and played off by---by a girl like her. "An' we're jus' actin' like a couple inna fight, so I en't breakin' character. If you wanna play your role better, you should shut up when your man tells you to."

He rubbed his face with both hands, sighing again. "I don't even know why I put up with you. You don't even put out."

All he did was talk, talk, talk. He was ALL talk. What did he want from her? She just wanted to pretend to be a loyal wife (and throwing him on out on the couch sounded like a super idea) and get through this mission. But he had to go and be a guy-- a hormonal guy-- and only cared about what he was getting. Or not getting. It was all so frustrating and confusing and she just wanted to sleep through this mission completely.

"Fine. Take me, I'm yours," she said dramatically, flopping back and holding her arms out. "Do with me what you must."

And then she laughed. Obviously. What kind of a girl did he take her for?

Kankurou sat up, rounding on her and glaring hard. She was teasing him. That grated on him, bubbling up inside his chest as indignation and a challenge, and---before Ino could even blink or roll away, he was on top of her again, sucking hard on the side of her neck. He wanted to leave bites; he wanted to leave bruises. Ino would learn not to push him around, because he pushed back---hard. He wasn't a kid, and he wasn't exactly nice.

Kankurou slid one hand up her shirt, squeezing one of those milky little breasts hard enough to provoke a yelp from the girl.

Ino batted at him, wincing as his teeth scraped her sensitive neck and he groped her way too hard for comfort. There was no way she was going to walk out of the house with a giant, gaping hickey on her neck. It looked trampy! It looked cheap! And she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of crying or acting like a child. That's what he wanted, he wanted to call her out on how inexperienced she was and how young she was. Instead of falling for this trick, she grabbed him by the chin and looked right at him.

"Don't leave a mark. It looks weird," she said sternly.

And then she gave him a light kiss on the mouth to show that she could be nice and sensual when she wanted to-- and so that he wouldn't rip her boob off. She kind of needed it.

Okay, so the fact that she didn't cry or scream or try to fight him was ten points towards her still-negative score. Maybe she had more experience than he'd thought? No. No, he was pretty sure she was still green and corked; she was still a fairly new chuunin, and young. She was...what. Fourteen? Fifteen? Still a baby. He could break her. Kankurou had done it before---a little Iwa chuunin with big brown eyes and a foul mouth---and, usually, there wasn't any guilt involved.

What he was feeling, he decided as he brushed over one hardened nipple and ignored her demand to not leave marks, was not guilt. It was something else, something stickier, and he didn't know/want to know what it meant.

She was feeling far from cold now. Even her fingers and toes, close to turning to ice before, suddenly felt very warm and alive. Heat was rapidly spreading over her face and neck and down in places that placed in the Very Weird category. He was right, for once. She was young and inexperienced. Ino, however, probably knew more about sex and foreplay then he ever would. Kunoichi training was to be thanked for that. The alcohol was clouding her better judgment to just shove him away and stomp off into the desert to run home and she was also slightly curious. Was this training? Was this what missions were really like?

Ino thought she heard a tiny, shocked noise coming from her but it sounded more... sexy than anything she had ever said/done in her life. It was a reaction to him touching her like that, biting at her, playing with her. A "grown up" noise, as Suzume-sensei liked to put it, the kind of thing men loved to hear that was just oh so natural from women. Or not, depending on how good of an actress she was.

It was too cruel to be an act of kindness. He was just getting his kicks. That didn't mean this wasn't a learning experience.

He wasn't...doing it right. If he was going to teach her a lesson, a real lesson, a taste of the bitter core of kunoichi training, he should be meaner. He should jerk down her underclothes and just---do it, fuck her, make her first time ache. But that little noise she had made caught his breath beneath his ribs and made his fingers tremble---and that kind of thing couldn't be taught. He didn't want to go slower, but it was---

Different. It was different. It kept wanting to edge out of power and into pleasure, and that sure as all hell wasn't what sexual abuse was about. Kankurou growled at himself in frustration, nipping her harder, his hand on her hip biting in with a bruising pressure. She wasn't fighting or mewling or crying, she was arching into him like she WANTED it, and that---that wasn't right! She was ruining it!

...but he couldn't find it in himself to be too hard on her, either. So was he ruining it for himself, then?

The rational part of her mind knew that there was going to be some serious pain and bruising tomorrow but the foggy part was just going with the flow. Kankurou obviously knew what he was doing... at least he knew more than Ino on a physical level. He seemed to be shaking, oddly enough. Was he cold? Maybe they should have been under the covers. She was burning up though, she couldn't understand why he wasn't as well.

"It's kind of hot in here," she murmured absently, "I feel weird."

Weird was a good word for it. First it hurt, then it felt good, then it hurt again, then it was good. Her body just couldn't keep it. It was in Happy Turned On mode, despite his intentions to be an asshole.

Kankurou had never once chickened out. Sure, he talked big, but he usually made a point of following through on things. When he said he was going to do something, he would see it to its end. He was a laughable single-task person, stubborn as a horse with blinders. Kankurou had said she would teach her a lesson in the real world, and now he was choking. This was tragic. This was unprecedented. This was embarrassing. He was shaking and felt weird---weird really was the best word for it---and he couldn't force himself in or away.

"I'm too drunk for this," he said abruptly, and rolled off her again.

This was ridiculous.

Air rushed back into her lungs and Ino breathed heavily, one sleeved hand over her face in an attempt to cool it down and to avoid looking at him. A large part of her was relieved because she could breathe again and she was a little frightened of being alone, in a bed, with a strange man. Her breast and her hip were aching something fierce and she just couldn't seem to get her blood pressure back down to normal levels but it wasn't... well, it wasn't as bad as some of the older kunoichi made it out to be. Ino knew this wasn't all of sex but it was part of it and she was failing. What kind of a kunoichi let a man call all of the shots? Her jounin-ship depended on how good of an actress she was, how much she could fool the opposite sex. Kankurou's lesson was bitingly real-- she would have been dead already if he was someone else.

"You're drunk and I'm still not attractive enough?" Ino asked jokingly, reaching up to shove some hair behind her ears. It had long escaped the braid she put it in and was pooled around her on the bed annoyingly. She wondered if she looked like a little girl to Kankurou, a jounin, two years older than her and much more mature looking. She could feel the prickle of facial on her neck and could see the hard lines of his body clearly; it was the body of a full grown man, not the boys she had dated once or twice. Her body was maturing, she supposed, because older men in the village were taking notice and commenting to her father how well she was developing. Her face might have had a baby-ish quality to it, round with smooth skin and big eyes, but she knew she wasn't ugly. "I guess I should look for a new profession, then."

The collar of her nightshirt was stretched out and one shoulder was left bare. Ino didn't dare look over to see the marks he left on her, completely mortified at what had happened earlier. Her neck and collarbones were visible-- two parts of the body men loved, according to Suzume-sensei-- but it didn't make a difference, it seemed.

Temari joked with him that he had no self-control, that he said and did whatever the hell bubbled up to the surface of his shallow mind, but Kankurou wasn't stupid. His appointment to jounin hadn't been an accident; he wasn't as thick as people took him for. Maybe that worked out to his favor, this habit of being underestimated. He could basically feel her watching him, those big eyes huge and luminous in their scrutiny of his every string of muscle and angle, and it took great self-control to keep himself from looking back at her. Kankurou knew what he'd see, and he knew it'd unravel him; that'd be end-game. Ino would be pale and disheveled, all that damn white hair tangling over her thin shoulders, looking at him, demanding answers, demanding he come back and finish his lesson---

The joke was that Kankurou never knew when to stop when it came to women, but he did know his breaking point. He knew when things stopped being something he could control, and when he stepped over the boundary of need and attraction. He swallowed jerkily, his hands tensing and untensing like a pair of nervous spiders, and he sighed.

"Look. It en't that, okay? I'm just---I---don't fuckin' wanna jeopardize my mission. You'll end up cryin' ta your Hokage, I know it. Women like you are useless as shit."

Without really thinking about the consequences, Ino grabbed Kankurou by the hair and yanked him, hard, to look up at her. Her face was completely serious and angry-- not the sort of anger one gets when they spill something on their shirt or other tedious annoyances befall them, but pure, righteous anger flaming so hot it could have melted the sheets under them. "I don't cry to ANYONE, understand?? If you think I'm afraid of you, you're wrong. If you think that I respect you even a little just because you're a jounin, you're WRONG. You're just a bullying jerk that never had good manners beat into him. If you think I'm going to roll over and play servant-wife for you while you insult me, you can get out now and I'll tell everyone in town you had a TRAGIC ACCIDENT. Do YOU get it?"

Ino was an impressive figure, in anger. Shikamaru and Chouji knew it all too well. Asuma had commented more than once on a woman's ability to be beautiful when angry but Ino was sure she had steam coming out of her ears and fangs protruding her mouth that's how pissed she was. How DARE he look down on her just because she was younger? How DARE he?? Who did he think he was???

"You're the useless one! You are all talk and have no balls to back anything up!" Trash talking, Ino would later learn in life, was a good skill to have. It certainly got her point across.

Kankurou was simply and wholly dumbfounded. Sure, she'd proven herself to be a pissy little bitch, but this? This passion and anger wasn't expected. He stared at her, barely registering the hand that she had fisted painfully in his hair, and just gaped.

He didn't like to admit when he was wrong---because it was so very RARE---but he'd been wrong. He'd been so, so wrong. Give this girl five years and there wouldn't be a man alive who'd say no. She'd age, but she'd have this---this no-nonsense voice, this fearlessness, this---this---he didn't have words for it, but it was hot. Having a girl boss him around was kind of a turn-on, in a really weird and backwards way.

"Okay," Kankurou said, because he wasn't sure he could muster much else at the moment. He was still a little too shell-shocked to fight back properly. "I get it."

For th' love of summer rain, KEEP TALKIN'.

"And ANOTHER thing! Stop acting like you're soooo special! Because I can't take much more of your 'OH MY GOD I AM SO COOL, I AM FROM SUNA AND A JOUNIN BLAH BLAH BLAH'!" Ino shoved his head away and crossed her arms over her chest, her look full of contempt. "I'm a DAMN good ninja and when I'm a jounin I'll be a better jounin than you! I'll be the best kunoichi you've EVER laid eyes on! You won't even know what HIT you!"

Ino would, if Suzume had anything to do with it, would come at men with the force of a mac truck.

Kankurou was feeling pretty run-over, truth be told. He goggled openly at her, wide-eyed, before the shock broke and he burst out laughing. It was that gut-twisting, chest-throbbing uncontrollable laughter that left him weak-kneed and wiping his tearing eyes with the heel of his hands. She was just so---so---self-righteous. She wasn't going to stop anytime soon, either, and who the hell had any right to look that attractive when they were screaming a blue streak? Her cheeks were stained with high color and her eyes were rumbling blue lightning; she was an inch and a half from actually hitting him.

Kankurou hiccupped. Really, it was only funny because it was true.

"H-hey, hey, let up. I get it. God, you're a fuckin' riot, y'know that? I think I'm startin' t'like you," he snorted, shaking his head and taking a couple of deep, slow breaths. He hiccupped again, probably from the combination of a little too much alcohol on top of too hard laughter. When was the last time he'd laughed like that, even? "Look. Let's forget this happened. It's edgin' towards th' asscrack of dawn an' we gotta be alert tomorrow. You stay on your side of th' bed, I stay on mine. No more molestin', unless you wanna prove you're badass, ace-kunoichi-sama."

If this was his way of cheering her up... he wasn't doing a very good job of it. If anything, this was making her even madder. Kankurou was calling her out. He was completely right in the fact that she lacked in experience though she didn't lack in guts. Her heart was pounding fiercely but her ego was killing her, pained at the thought of being looked down upon by this-- this-- jerk! Sitting on her knees on the bed, Ino hooked her fingers into her nightshirt and pulled it off wordlessly, leaving her clad only in her unimpressively white and chaste looking underwear. Leaning on her forearms, she tilted her head to look up at him, a dark blush painting her cheeks, hoping that it was dark enough in the room that he couldn't really make out her figure.

Ino was trembling, not all from the cold, and her expression was not as tough as she wanted it to be. In fact, if she looked into a mirror she probably looked open and vulnerable, a pervert's dream. She couldn't muster up enough courage to say anything without sounding ridiculous and Kankurou was probably too shell shocked to say anything either. This was... it was awkward and scary but she hoped, at least, it was a little bit hot.

Her fingers dug into the bedsheets, cold and about to go completely numb. She hoped that the rest of her missions would go much easier. Perhaps she would get all the men drunk first.

Damn, she was so white. White as milk, white as snow---as Kankurou imagined snow; he hadn't actually seen the shit himself---white like the sun had never touched her. She had a fine set of breasts for a fifteen-year-old, and she'd gone back to being a shivering little victim. That was attractive in its own way, but not nearly as interesting as the howling, fiery girl she'd been two minutes before. This was what he hadn't wanted, exactly what he'd feared---the virginal little chuunin, painted with careful and glowing strokes. Hadn't the life lesson sunk in, or did she need a second dose? Kankurou rubbed his forehead, feeling suddenly nauseated (though his cock had other things in mind, liking the creamy spread).

He swallowed hard, wondering where the lines were when it came to this. Did she really want him to be the one to give her a taste of the kunoichi life, to pop that little flesh cork and set her on the trail she'd be following until she became that kunoichi he'd felt just a minute ago? And really, would he be able to do it now? Would he be rough enough now that he was starting to feel weirdly obligated again, or would she like it enough to get fond of him? Fondness was fucking dangerous. People weren't fond of Kankurou, and for good reason.

He kept his expression as blank as possible, his neutral position of simple annoyance.

"You still wanna take me on?"

She gaped at him. He was perfectly calm, as though she had just offered him some sugar in his tea. He wasn't affected at all! There went her morale. Taking her pillow, she hit him over the head a few times and turned to put her shirt back on as he sputtered and choked. Kankurou was just-- just-- impossible! He couldn't even pretend to find her a little sexy?? Then again, Kankurou wasn't nice. What did she expect?


Ino felt better. A lot better, actually. Clearly, he was gay. Gay for men and their manparts. She was too beautiful for him, he was intimidated by her. What a wuss.

"What th' fuck ever, you stupid mouthy bitch," Kankurou growled back, mostly because she couldn't see his smirk. He rolled over---taking most of the blankets with him---and stretched, taking up a good two-thirds of the bed like the lanky manbeast he was shaping up to be. "You KNOW you want me. I'm pretty much th' hottest guy who's gonna look twice at a little chicken-butt like you."

Gay? He was so not gay. There'd been that one mission in Iwa, but...he didn't like to think of that, ever. Alcohol served to smooth over some memories, thank God.

Sitting straight up in bed, Ino did a sort of pile drive into his stomach with her elbow, intent on shutting him up. He had nerve to take up the whole bed and then continue with his useless trash talk. Kankurou and hot just didn't go together. He wasn't-- well he wasn't hideous but he wasn't hot like Sasuke, elegant looking like Neji, or even exciting looking like Kiba. No, Kankurou was-- he was okay. Not bad without that ridiculous hat and makeup but not hot, definitely not hot.

"I HAVE A GREAT FIGURE! YOU COULDN'T STOP STARING AT MY ASS ALL DAY! YEAH, I SAW YOU!" she yanked his hair again, digging her nails into his scalp. "And when I brushed past you, you got all-- you know-- excited! My ass is GREAT! You're just in denial!"

The hate for him was endless. Did she want him? No. Did she want him to shut up? YES.

"I ONLY STARED AT YOUR GODDAMN ASS 'CAUSE IT WAS TAKIN' UP HALF TH' GODDAMN ROOM," Kankurou yelped as she tried---again?!---to pull out most of his hair. What was with her and hair-pulling? It felt---well---not bad, which didn't help his cause any. So much for being Mr. Chivalry and being all selfless and shit. He could've stripped her and had his way with her hours ago, but no---no, he was awake and sobering up at the very break of dawn, arguing about Ino's ass, of all things. He was definitely going to end up bruised from that elbow to the gut, and what about sleep? This argument felt like it was going to drag on forever...could he survive a week or more of this?

"Shut th' HELL up an' go t'sleep 'fore I almost-rape you again, fuck!"

...he didn't even want to know what the neighbors thought of the nice young couple now.