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Welcome to Konoha: Re:Birth!

The Setting:

It is 5 years after the last meeting between the members of Team 7, Naruto and Sakura returning to Konoha, and Sasuke going with Orochimaru. All was quiet between the villages, until Orochimaru and Otogakure attacked Konoha without warning. In the aftermath of the battle, will Konoha recover from the devastation and the loss of many of their best shinobi and be reborn, or will they become prey for the next invader to come along and finish off, and fade into memory?

Our Story Thus Far:

In the aftermath of the attack on Konoha, the deceased were remembered and laid to rest, and following the dying wishes of Tsunade, Uzumaki Naruto was appointed the Sixth Hokage. Immediately taking charge of the situation, Naruto ordered massive rebuilding efforts in an attempt to make Konoha safe for not only the shinobi, but the displaced civilian population to return to their lives. Sunagakure, still led by Gaara, has offered its aid in protecting Konoha during this long and arduous process. Naruto, while effective in motivating his village, finds that the task of being Hokage is harder than he could have ever anticipated.

Due to the attack, the village is in dire straights financially, as the rebuilding process requires huge sums of cash, that the village doesn't have. Not only that, but there is a small but significant portion of the population that still holds resentment towards Naruto, and is unwilling to submit to his leadership. And while Orochimaru is dead, Otogakure has crumbled to nothing, and many of the Akatsuki members have been killed, there are still other villages that would like nothing more than to see Konoha fall, and other, more potent dangers to the village and its inhabitants.

Dramatis Personae:

To apply for any of the open characters (those that don't have a journal listed beside them), then go here to fill out the application.

You may not apply for any of the following characters, because they are deceased:
Hatake Kakashi
Shiranui Genma
Yamashiro Aoba
Nara Yoshino
Nara Shikaku
Maito Gai
Sarutobi Asuma
Morino Ibiki
Umino Iruka

[The Organization known as Akatsuki has been disbanded as most of its members have been killed]

Uchiha Itachi

You may apply for the following characters, but please contact a mod first:
Yakushi Kabuto

Character Journal
Aburame Shino dark_shades
Akimichi Chouji autumnal_road
Haruno Sakura sakura_shannaro
Hyuuga Hanabi OPEN
Hyuuga Hinata dokidoki_poke
Hyuuga Neji OPEN
Inuzuka Kiba OPEN
Konohamaru rathersneaky
Mitarashi Anko OPEN
Moegi clumsy_kunoichi
Nara Shikamaru OPEN
Rock Lee OPEN
Sai konoha_penis
Shizune OPEN
Tenten OPEN
Uzumaki Naruto
Yamanaka Ino little__flower
Uchiha Sasuke RESERVED
Yakushi Kabuto OPEN
Kankurou short_strings
Temari sunaotome
Gaara sunakazekage

The Rules:

1. Try to keep OOC to a minimum.

2. AIM is required.

3. Stay in character as your character, in journals and in action threads.

4. Know Your Character! If you don't know it, figure it out or give it up. Try to apply for a character you know well.

5. In regards to Slash... None of us are anti-homosexuals, but slash/yuri tends to be less than canon. Just be in character.

6. Be mature as a roleplayer, and try your best to use correct grammatical constructions. Some characters, naturally, will have different styles of writing, but posting a series of sentence fragments punctuated by emoticons and ellipses is generally not acceptable.

7. As Re:Birth takes place five years after the current storyline, your characters will have changed some from the anime/manga. Time does that. Please play your characters as their current age. They aren't twelve anymore. For reference, Uzumaki Naruto is 20 years old. Also, if you're posting anything you wouldn't want your little sister or fifth grade teacher to stumble upon, please PUT IT UNDER A CUT WITH A WARNING AND LOCK IT TO THE COMMUNITY.

8. There is to be NO GODMODING! No one is invincible--not Gaara, not Naruto, not anyone. Be reasonable in your battles. We WILL kick your ass if you try to attempt godmoding.

9. Character journals are required to play, as each individual character must be represented by their own journal and username. However, whether you wish to make entries for them in their journal is completely optional. The only required entry in the journal will be a character sheet, which is provided with the application.

10. One of the greatest weaknesses of role playing games online is activity. Therefore, it is required that you make at least two posts a week. You will get one warning about activity before you are removed from the game, and your character opened up for another player to apply for. If you have extenuating circumstances that will prevent you from meeting this requirement, please talk to one of the mods about it so that we are aware, and don't end up removing you while you are unable to get online to post. ADDENDUM: Participation in action threads tagged "full cast" is MANDATORY, unless your character has a DAMN good reason ICly for not being there. Failure to post in one that would involved your character within a week of it being posted is grounds for removal from the RP for inactivity unless you have previously said that you would have to be away for a period of time encompassing that week.

11. Another bane to activity is people trying to play too many characters. There will be a strict two-character limit per person; if you want to play a third, contact a mod to work out the details, otherwise the application will be denied.

12. To prove that you have read the rules when submitting your application, please respond to the appropriate question with the phrase, "My rims don't spin, to the contrary, you'll find that they're quite stationary."

13. Questions? Comments? Contact one of the Moderators: little__flower or _rokudaime_sama

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